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Jamaica team

m88 the predicted result is a 2-0 win by Caribbean team over Center Americans. ET. “Our spirit is very good” he said.

Jamaica will face El Salvador today in 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup at BMO Field, Toronto, Ontario at 6:00 p.m. Jamaica and El Salvador have met each other a total of 17 times in the past with Jamaica winning nice, losing four and drawing the other four. A win by the Jamaicans will land them at the first place in group B, which would be unfavorable as they will run into the defending champions Teams in the semifinals.

Jamaica goes into the game with four points from a win and a draw while El Salvador and Costa Rica have two points each other from two draws. The top two places in Group B are still up for grabs.  Jamaica is in a better position to get it. However, a win or draw against the Jamaicans would ensure Albert Roca’s squad of a place in the quarters. Canada is the weakness one with a lone point from a draw and a loss and will face Costa Rica later tonight; which make this group very interesting to watch what will happen after games over. Jamaica starting lineup 4-4-2 formation, while El Salvador lineup starting 4-2-3-1 formation will try to get victory. . Jamaica head coach Winfried Schafer said it was team spirit that produced the stoppage-time triumph. Caribbean team will look to wrap up the top stop in this group when they take on El Salvador tonight. The Reggae boyz took an important step toward the knockout round with that dramatic finish over Canada as Captain Rodolph Austin scored in the second minute of added time.

Jamaica celebrates after a goal by Garath McCleary (22) during the first half of CONCACAF Gold Cup group play against Costa Rica at Stub Hub Center.

Reuters/Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Live Stream: Fox Sports Go, UniMas, Fox Sports Live, Univision deportes in the US and Sportnet World in Canada.

On the other hand, El Salvador had been a surprise team in this year’s tournament as they were expected to lose all their three games in the classification round
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Omicron Targets Asian Online Gambling Market.

m88 they will have to register at the site, enter

their credit card number, and fill out a special verification screen.

Users will be able to use credit cards to buy “virtual chips”

and winnings will be credited to the card account.

Copyright 1999 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved..

COPYRIGHT 1999 Datamonitor

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

US internet gaming group Omicron Technologies Inc is to tap into

one of the world’s most avid gambling markets with a new web site

for Chinese and other Asian gamblers., which is

scheduled for a July launch, will feature more than 20 games including

the perennial casino favorites roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack.

Market forecasts are difficult to put together says Sak Narwal,

Omicron’s chief financial officer. “So much of the gaming in

Asia is underground. It is hard to get reliable statistics”.

However he estimated the online gambling industry in Asia could be worth

$10bn annually within five years.

The site will be available in seven Asian languages, and have

mirror sites in every market to help ease download speeds, Narwal said.

Gamblers will have to download special software or request a CD ROM to

use the online casino

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Gambler’s Fallacy: Definition and Examples

m88, what is actually observed is that, there is an unequal ratio of heads and tails. The conceit makes the player believe that he will be able to control a risky behavior while still engaging in it, i.e., the player will believe that at some point in his winning streak, he may have won enough to control himself, and eventually stop playing. This causes him to wrongly believe that since he came so close to succeeding, he would most definitely succeed if he tried again. However, this quality also leads us to assume patterns in independent and random chains or events, which are not actually connected. This fallacy is based on the law of averages, in the way that when a certain event occurs repeatedly, an imbalance of that event is produced, and this leads us to conclude logically that events of the opposite nature must soon occur in order to restore balance. Similarly, if he is failing at something, he will continue to do so. Probability fallacies are of three types – ‘near miss’ fallacy, ‘hot hand’ fallacy, and ‘gambler’s’ fallacy. Therefore, it should be understood and remembered that assumption of future outcomes are a fallacy only in case of unrelated independent events.

Monte Carlo Fallacy

The moniker was ascribed to this fallacy as a result of a game of roulette played at Casino de Monte-Carlo on August 18, 1913, when the ball fell on black 26 consecutive times. Eventually, both these concepts working in harmony within a gambler’s mind would lead to him losing all his money.

? Choosing of lottery tickets based on the numbers already played in the previous lottery. ? However, in cases with dependent events, such as the dealing of cards, this assumption is not a fallacy, since if one were to draw cards from a deck of cards, and the first 10 were red cards, the probability of the next card is instantly increased due to the fact that the original sample size has been reduced by the elimination of the alternative color of cards. Just because a number has won previously, it does not mean that it may not win yet again.

? Avoiding a slots machine at a casino that has recently rewarded its user with a jackpot, due to the misconception that the machine will not yield another jackpot anytime soon.. Gamblers lost millions of francs by betting against black, as they incorrectly reasoned that the uncommon and imbalanced streak of black had to inevitably be followed by a streak of red.

Humans are prone to perceive and assume relationships between events, thereby linking events together to form a succession of dependent events. Hence, in a large sample size, the coin shows a ratio of heads and tails in accordance to its actual probability. This implies that the probability of an outcome would be the same in a small and large sample, hence, any deviation from the probability will be promptly corrected within that sample size. However, it is mathematically and logically impossible for a small sample to show the same characteristics of probability as a large sample size, and therefore, causes the generation of a fallacy.

? If you throw two dice and get a certain number twice in a row, it would be wrong to assume that it could not be repeated again.

? If a sports player plays exceptionally well for a long period of time, the assumption that he would eventually make a mistake and play badly would be incorrect.

? Gambler’s fallacy can also occur in some instances where past events are related to future outcomes. Such a fallacy is mostly observed in a casino setting, where people gamble based on their perception of chance, luck, and probability, and hence, it is called gambler’s fallacy.

? It arises due to the belief that past independent events influence future outcomes, and originates from the erroneous belief that a small sample is an accurate representation of a larger sample/population. We develop the belief that a series of previous events have a bearing on, and dictate the outcome of future events, even though these events are actually unrelated.

It is a cognitive bias with respect to the probability and belief of the occurrence of an event. Here, the prediction of drawing a black card is logical and not a fallacy. Now, if one were to flip the same coin 4,000 or 40,000 times, the ratio of heads and tails would seem equal with minor deviations. If a plain and unbiased coin is taken and flipped, each time it is flipped, there is a 50% chance of it being either heads or tails. This presents a contrast to the gambler’s fallacy, the definition of which is described below.

Examples of Gambler’s Fallacy

? If a woman has had 4 children, all of whom were boys, it would be erroneous to assume that the 5th child will be a daughter.

? If a certain disease is said to affect 9 out of every 10 people, that does not imply that in a random group of 10 individuals from that area, the same ratio would be observed.

? This can be explained by the simple example of a coin toss. If one selects a small sample within this population, one may observe long continuous occurrences of heads or tails, but basing ones judgments on such subjective data leads to the formation of the fallacy/mistaken belief. Hot hand fallacy describes a situation where, if a person has been doing well or succeeding at something, he will continue succeeding. An example of this would be a tennis player. This is because, despite the short-term repetition of the outcome, it does not influence future outcomes, and the probability of the outcome is independent of all the previous instances. In other words, if the coin is flipped 5 times, and all 5 times it shows heads, then if one were to assume that the sixth toss would yield a tails, one would be guilty of a fallacy.

Understanding Gambler’s Fallacy

? It is a mistaken belief that if one experiences a continuous series of events, the opposite of such a series is soon to occur, i.e., if one is doing well, that luck is sure to run out soon, thereby bringing about a period of bad luck or failure. This plays in with gambler’s fallacy, as the loss will make the player play till he gets a win. However, this does not always work in the favor of the player, as every win will cause him to bet larger sums, till eventually a loss will occur, making him go broke. The near miss fallacy occurs when an individual experiences a failure in reaching a goal, in such a way that he/she believes that success was within reaching distance. This mistaken perception leads to the formulation of fallacies with regards to assimilation and processing of data. This quality is due to the fact that all human behavior is interlinked and connected invariably to our actions. The more number of coin flips one does, the closer the ratio reaches to equality. In other words, an ongoing streak of good/bad outcome will spawn a continuing streak in future ventures. This is because, repeated failure does not guarantee future success, and also, success in the match depends on a variety of other unrelated reasons, such as each player’s skill, injuries (if any), state of mind, etc.

? If a company’s share market value has decreased considerably, it would be fallacious to believe that the value would suddenly increase.

? You encounter a few empty roads on your commute to your workplace, and that leads you to incorrectly assume that the next road you turn on to will be choked with traffic.

The concept of gambler’s conceit often works hand-in-hand with the gambler’s fallacy while gambling. If he has to play 24 matches, out of which he has won 12 matches and lost 6, and is now left to play 6 more matches, and now, if one makes the assumption that the losing streak makes him due for a victory in his next match, one would be indulging in gambler’s fallacy. But this leads us to assume that if the coin were flipped or tossed 10 times, it would obey the law of averages, and produce an equal ratio of heads and tails, almost as if the coin were sentient

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Vietnam allows new casino; ban on Vietnamese may be lifted

m88 debate has focused on whether Vietnamese citizens should be allowed inside. The decree also mandates a minimum $4 billion investment in the casino’s development.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s approval in principle of the casino at Phu Quoc, a resort island in the Gulf of Thailand, was reported this week by local media.

“The money we may earn from the Vietnamese who spend at casinos in Vietnam instead of the ones in Singapore or Cambodia may not be enough to compensate for the economic and social consequences brought about if gambling is widespread and legalized in Vietnam,” she said, expressing skepticism that any rules limiting play by Vietnamese would be strictly enforced.

The Finance Ministry has proposed that the new decree allow Vietnamese who are over 21 years of age, financially secure and without any criminal record to play in selected casinos.

Economist Pham Chi Lan, however, expressed doubts about the potential benefits.

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A recently announced government decision to allow a casino on Vietnam’s biggest island drew mixed reactions Friday from citizens, who weighed its potential economic benefits against its perceived social vices.

Proponents of liberalizing the rules for casino operations say it would help keep money inside the country that Vietnamese gamblers now spend abroad, especially in neighboring Cambodia.

“Opening this casino will attract more tourists and infrastructure investment and create more jobs, which will bring more development opportunities,” she said.

Tran Thi Viet Huong of Viettravel, one of Vietnam’s major tour operators, said the planned casino on Phu Quoc in Kien Giang province would benefit the country if it is well managed.. Vietnam has several casinos, but they are reserved for foreigners. A draft decree on casino operations under review by government agencies would allow Vietnamese under certain conditions

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Research and Markets: Mobile Handsets to Capture 90% of Embedded Pico Projector Market by 2014

Pico projectors is definitively a significant

differentiating feature.

Recent In-Stat research, Pico

Projectors: One Reason Bigger Isn’t Better (#IN1004722WH), provides

worldwide market share and shipment forecasts of pico projector module

adoption into a variety of mobile and hand held devices including:

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

This research is part of In-Stats Mobile & Computing Devices service,

which provides analysis and forecasts of the market for mobile

communications and computing devices, including cell phones,

smartphones, MIDs, tablets, mini-notes/netbooks, and notebooks.

In-Stat believes that the combination of pico projection capability with

the desire for larger displays will result in a new CE segment whose

shipments will exceed more than 20 million units in five years. For pico projectors, what

makes it even more attractive is that the market is hypercompetitive,

with manufacturers always aggressively looking to add new features to

create differentiation. The reality is

that the mobile handset market is measured in billions, creating massive

opportunities for component manufactures. Standalone/accessory

projectors market share will decline from roughly 37% in 2010 to less

than 4% over the five year forecast period.

While the number of personal consumer electronics leveraging pico

projection will most certainly increase over the next five years, its

overall share will reduce due to the size of the mobile handset market.

For more information visit

. This

report examines the pico projection marketplace and provides:

Technologies used to project images have been relentlessly miniaturized

over the past decade. Forecast shipment growth of devices with embedded pico

projector modules will grow to over 20 million devices by 2014, with

mobile handsets share of that market moving from its current level of

15% to over 90% by 2014.

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (

has announced the addition of the “Pico

Projectors: One Reason Bigger Isn’t Better” report to their offering.



Personal CE Products including: Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders,

Digital Clocks, Gaming, Mobile TV, Portable Media Players,

Standalone/Accesory Pico Projectors

A review of the technologies being used for pico projection, including

MEMS micromirrors, LCoS, lasers, and LED, as well as key technological

issues that manufacturers currently face.

Profile information about the companies that are developing the core

technologies for pico projectors.

An examination of the markets and applications for pico projectors.

Forecasts for products expected to include embedded pico projection

systems including:



Personal CE Products

Digital Cameras

Digital Camcorders

Digital Clocks


Mobile TV

Portable Media Players

Standalone/Accessory Pico Projectors

Executive Summary:

The number of companies developing pico projectors for integration

and/or as standalone products continues to expand, with 18 vendors now

claiming to have the best technological solution including; 3M, ADM (aka

Explay), bTendo, Digislide, Display Photonics Systems, Himax, Lite Blue

Optics, Lite-On Technology, Maradin Technologies, Mezmeriz, Micron

Displaytech, Microvision, Mirrorcle Technologies, Mitsumi Electric,

Nippon Signal, Opus Microsystems, Syndiant, and Texas Instruments.

While stand-alone/accessory pico projectors (which plug into a device,

such as a cell phone, iPod or laptop) dominate the market, there is

clear movement from plug-in to embedded. Although the integration of pico projectors will occur across the entire

CE device spectrum, the biggest push will come from the mobile handset

segment, says Frank Dickson, VP Mobile Internet Research. As a result many companies are now actively

looking into embedding these pico projectors into an ever-expanding

range of consumer products, from cellphones to mobile TV, according to


8 Ways to Maximize Live Sports and Music Revenues | Peter Csathy

Yes, I watch every single Vikings game on DirecTV. Expand the brand!

Actively Promote Deeper Fan Engagement Online

Yes, your sports teams and music events take place in the physical/offline world, but your fans are increasingly mobile and multi-screen. Here’s the deal — the key is to engage more frequently and effectively first with your existing fans and, second, with prospective new fans. I myself recently became a customer of such enhanced services at the Valley View Casino Center (aka San Diego Sports Arena) via the VIP “Players Lounge” and pay $2500 annually for preferred services. The right person can mean tens of millions of additional revenues (if not more). And, almost always, the physical world ignores the power of the virtual world (among other things). Again, think ESPN here — which offers subscription packages for added value-added features and services, including mobile access.

Negotiate More Effectively, Negotiate Better Deals & Accelerate Revenues

While this one is obvious, it frequently is lost in the shuffle. It is the right thing to do. In this way, the team or music event becomes more than mere entertainment. Contests that become viral because the ultimate “prize” is compelling. My wife, Luisa, runs a non-profit organization known as “Giving Tree Movement” which focuses on the family and youth empowerment — causes of broad appeal.

Add Deeper Meaning to Being a “Fan” via High Impact Philanthropic Activities & Contributions

This idea is related to above. When I recently traveled to Europe, I couldn’t even watch my beloved Vikes on DirecTV, because DirecTV subscribers like me have no rights to view NFL games outside the U.S. Each sports team should have its own formal “fan club” which gives special perks. Think Taylor Swift here as well, because she is an innovator in monetizing her fan base continuously both online and offline. Focus certain marketing and “special offers” on out-of-state and international fans — and engage them to be part of the story. Virtually all online businesses have ignored the physical world, leaving significant money on the table. If I were a sports exec, I would make it a priority to explore new ways to reach fans online — with video being a core focus of such engagement (since video is far more engaging than still images or text). On the offline/live side, the focus again should be on optimizing the overall fan “experience.” That means several things — better venues, premium services, special events, special access (to the players, to the coaches, to the artists and entertainers) and continuous online marketing of these. So, the answer is simple — give out-of-city and state fans opportunities to be part of the action and close to the team or live event! That means international fans too (which essentially has not happened at all. And, it is good business.

As part of such online engagement, I would certainly add premium features (including deeper content) and services to existing team and venue websites that will drive “up-selling” a percentage of fans from the free content to such deeper content and features via a subscription “freemium” model. Too many businesses — especially in the sports, media and entertainment worlds — suffer from a legacy of bloat. Less obvious is to motivate fans to make their own videos that are “powered by passion” and are distributed themselves. These kinds of campaigns have worked effectively in the music world (including music fans actually creating music videos used by the bands themselves).

Here is just one example of a missed international opportunity. However, I (and others like me) would pay for much more if other meaningful opportunities were available. It is high time for them to become “leaner” and “meaner” operations — i.e., to learn from start-up entrepreneurial companies that do more with less. It becomes larger than life. Think ESPN here — innovators in driving content across all screens. Based on my experience, here are 8 concrete ways to generate significant new revenues in that physical world.

Focus on “Leaner and Meaner” Business Operations/Cost Savings

Expanding revenue generation and overall monetization opportunities is crucial, but don’t forget the other side of the equation — i.e., the cost side. It’s not just about the top line, it’s about the bottom line too. These should not be seen as “one and done” events. This includes their overall revenues by sharing in a percentage of revenues they directly drive to the team or venue. Actively Promote Deeper Fan Engagement Offline

Once again, a key revenue accelerator is both more effective online and offline fan engagement — a virtuous cycle that feeds and keeps feeding. Now, so long as the content is compelling, fans can be “reached” anytime, anywhere. Find experienced dealmakers, negotiators and closers (after all, a deal doesn’t matter unless it is signed and implemented). Think of expanding this kind of VIP access even further with full-day events that include pre-game/concert and post-game/concert — and other innovative VIP perks. Help make fans care more — invest more — and, hence, want to spend more, because a meaningful portion of sales go back to social causes that are universal such as education. Obvious examples of social media are Facebook and Twitter. She regularly engages via her fan club, which means her fans pay more in both worlds. They also will generate higher overall NPS (net promoter scores) — which means expanded positive word-of-mouth that will drive even more new fans and revenues.

Deepen Community Partnerships & Incentivize Communities and Local Businesses to Market For You

This concept is similar to above, but here the sports team or venue focuses on community organizations and businesses themselves rather than individual fans and prospective fans. Bad negotiating and dealmaking leaves lots of money on the table. That loyalty stays for me and others, even when we have long left our original cities and states. Think AEG’s AXS service here. And, higher NPS means more positive word-of-mouth (more revenues). Much more can be done. As one example, why doesn’t online music service Pandora differentiate itself from all other online music services — as well as take its customer relationships to an entirely new dimension — by adding live “Pandora Unboxed” music festivals that drive significant new scalable revenues and integrate a significant “give back” component? That’s the kind of thinking I am talking about.

Expand Out-of-City Fan Engagement (Including INTERNATIONAL)

I am an avid life-long Minnesota Vikings fan, because I was born and raised in Minneapolis. Think of corporate sponsorships — the life’s blood for sports teams and entertainment venues. AXS offers VIP concert packages that combine prime seats with unique perks, including actual face time with performers. They essentially only focus on the obvious fans who physically surround them. But, also think of new online revenue streams and streaming rights. Think a team or event-focused YouTube-like experience here. The goal is to engage local businesses and organizations to “care” more — i.e., to have skin in the game by incentivizing them to market your team or venue to further drive their own business success. So, the key is not only to communicate directly online to the fans (and prospective fans), another key is to fan the flames of social media so that the fans themselves directly communicate (i.e. market) to others. But, I don’t shell out cash for any other Vikings-focused “things,” because the Vikings do not focus on me. Ultimately, engaged fans spend more, monetize more. Think also of fan user-generated content (primarily video) in connection with special contests. Pay them well. And, sports and entertainment events generate lots of passion. Think of the company Control Room here — producers of massive international live events like “Live Earth.” Think also of Tom’s Shoes here where a certain percentage of each sale is given back. This is crazy — I would have paid! Wherever there is passion, there is money. And, cost containment does not mean low employee morale and motivation. In my case, I left Minnesota years ago and have lived in Southern California for 25 years. The online and mobile worlds offer unique power and potential. The goal should be to extend the overall fan “experience” and transform that into being a daily part of their lives. On the contrary, talented team players will thrive in that kind of environment — and in the enhanced opportunities it creates.

. Deep partnership experience is critical here.

And, don’t forget the greatest motivator — you and your team are working in the sports, music and live entertainment worlds! The perks alone make it worthwhile!

While I usually write about the online and digital media worlds, I have also spent years in the world of offline live entertainment. Most live entertainment players still don’t understand this — and certainly don’t appreciate how significant this is for revenue generation. You need biz execs who really “get” both the physical and virtual worlds – and how to maximize the overall opportunity by effectively marrying them.

One final note — the reverse is true as well.

Incentivize Fans to Market For You via Social Media

As noted, the virtual world gives transformative compelling new opportunities to reach fans anytime, anywhere. An ongoing relationship — never before possible — should be the new normal. The online experience should be similarly extended into the offline world to promote the brand, differentiate the service and deepen overall customer engagement

Travel Business Technology News – North America.

AirCards are manufactured by

Sierra Wireless and may be sold in conjunction with a variety of cell

phones, laptops or SmartPhones.

Travelport GTA by Travelport, a global travel wholesaler signed a

distribution agreement with Marriott International Inc. For more

information, visit For more information, visit For more

information, call 800-393-5000 or visit Site visitors can use interactive maps to explore and save

research to your Trip. May 5, 2010

American Hiking American Hiking Society, organizer of National

Trails Day, has launched its HIKE GPS maps application for the iPhone, a

one-stop app with over 300 free recreational maps — encompassing more

than 5 million square miles of the United States. May 4, 2010

AutoMotionTV AutoMotionTVOs media-based content publishing

platform allows companies to create and deliver their product

experiences through a custom-built mobile app. Close-to-home ships are based at Cape Liberty

in Bayonne, N.J.; Norfolk, Va.; Port Canaveral, Fla.; Los Angeles; and

Fort Lauderdale. New search functionality allows a

single vacationer to effortlessly look for upcoming cruises based on

destination, age range, holidays, departure city or departure date.

Additionally, there is now more helpful and detailed information on each

sailing separated by simple and easy to see tabs: Itinerary, Airfare,

Ship Info, FAQ, WhatOs Included and Roommate Matching. Once the

3D image of the city appears, users can navigate the site and choose

which city and adventure to experience. The majority of travelers

booking trips to the Middle East are from the United States, the United

Kingdom and Germany. The

line is airing new Postcards from the Nation of Why Not commercials,

including the debut of an all-Spanish spot in select markets. May 6, 2010

AeroMobile AeroMobile has confirmed the first cellular operation

of eXPhone over Panasonic Avionics’ Ku-band link, representing a

key engineering development milestone for the mobile connectivity

solution. Ocean Beach is the

ultimate place to throw a seaside bonfire in San Francisco, but it was

in need of a little love and a big clean. The swoodoo management team assumes oversight

for growing both brands in German-speaking countries. The new

TravelMuse Bookmarker now allows you to browse the web freely and then

save your favorite research centrally. Sponsored by Airbus, the World

Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) single focus workshop on seats

and IFE has been scheduled to coincide with the Aircraft Interiors Expo

in Hamburg, which runs 18-20 May. Even the classic

San Francisco cold weather couldnOt stop these do-gooders, enabling

locals to enjoy a cleaner, greener Ocean Beach once again. The

TravelMuse Planner, you can view your research on an interactive map,

create a schedule and find other popular items based upon the research

you have saved. With VAX Quick Connect technology, the

supplierOs inventory, pricing, and policies are all integrated into the

agent-friendly VAX booking experience. Expedia has

partnered with hundreds of hotels in the Middle East to showcase their

properties in ExpediaOs global marketplace, which receives nearly 60

million visitors worldwide every month. In addition, the dynamic

architecture of the system lets travel companies update product media in

real-time, allowing them to simply push the new content to users,

without having to re-develop or update the app. pay between 99 cents

and $1.29 per minute, depending on their calling plans, but with

Truphone Local Anywhere it would cost only 12 cents per minute. Key events at TRAVDEX include the OpenTravel Alliance –

Technology Standards seminar; the New Airline Business Model seminar;

the Hotel Trend Highlights Town Hall meeting, moderated discussion by

Philip Wolf, president and CEO of PhoCusWright Inc.; Talking Travel

Tech, sponsored by Tnooz; and a prize drawing for PhoCusWright research

and PhoCusWright Conference tickets. Sharkey even uses a term I

haven’t heard broadly used in years: “Others carry an AirCard,

a small modem that can link laptops to the Internet using cellular

networks.” First, it’s a generic, so it shouldn’t be

capitalized; second, it’s a mobile broadband modem, a 3G modem, a

USB cell modem, or whatever. The company also announced the appointment of

Dr. Hotels have to cope with that loss of

revenue, just like they lost long-distance calling and fax revenue over

the last 15 years. In the last five years,

it’s been backfill for the few remaining properties and rooms, with

more Wi-Fi than Ethernet in the mix. May 6, 2010 has announced its Big Deal Rental Car

Price Guarantee. An AirCard is a device for a laptop, PDA or cell

phone that allows the user to connect to wide area wireless Internet

access. city and see winning bids for different car

types at major airports. May 5, 2010

Travelport Travelport announced today that Kurt Ekert, currently

chief operating officer for GTA by Travelport, will succeed Armin Meier

to the position of chief commercial officer, Travelport GDS in

accordance with a transition plan. The

application also allows users to track and record their off-road

adventures, take geo-coded pictures, and easily upload and share their

outdoor experiences via Facebook and email. In addition

to the website, those looking to keep up-to-date about Ritz Tours as

well as its packages and specials can find the tour operator on Facebook

by searching “Ritz Tours” or visit to further

strengthen their strategic relationship. New

York-area vacationers can choose among Explorer of the SeasO nine-night

Bermuda and Bahamas cruises, starting at $1,999 for the June 10 sailing,

or nine-night Bermuda and Caribbean cruises, starting at $2,399 for the

Aug. May 5, 2010

Truphone Truphone, the global mobile operator, today announced

its Rewards Program for the travel industry, giving travel workers an

incentive to use its Truphone Local Anywhere service to save money on

their international calling — and put an end to juggling multiple

phones or suffering Obill shockO when traveling abroad. or The company plans to make the service available in over 20

countries by the end of 2011. In addition, the number

of travelers booking trips to Middle Eastern destinations on the

companyOs more than 90 Expedia- and travel booking

sites worldwide has grown 31 percent year on year. May 5, 2010

PhoCusWright Travel industry research authority PhoCusWright Inc.

kicks off the inaugural TRAVDEX Wednesday, May 5, at the Cobb Galleria

in Atlanta, Ga. Christian Saller, chief executive officer of swoodoo, as managing

director of KAYAK Germany. May 4, 2010 has launched an augmented reality

microsite, VirtualVacation, which enables customers to OtravelO to New

York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, San Francisco,

New Orleans, Denver, San Diego and Seattle — from their computers.

Through the use of visual storytelling and live interaction,

VirtualVacation from provides a view of a real world

environment whose elements are fused with computer-generated imagery.

Users interact via webcam motion detection and microphone interactivity,

activated by a physical printed OmarkerO or smart phone image. Truphone Local Anywhere

is available in the United States and the U.K. As

Truphone Local Anywhere combines low cost calling and convenience at

home and abroad, it provides an all in one solution which can replace a

standard operatorOs SIM in an unlocked GSM phone, making it the only

phone service travel workers ever need. Family pricing for these sailings are subject to

availability and does not include applicable government taxes, fees and

possible fuel supplements. Forty percent of VAX users

are agents who work from home. Twenty-five employees got up

bright and early on Wednesday morning to get their hands dirty for a

good cause. With more people traveling

with 3G modems and devices with 3G access, the odds of needing hotel

Wi-Fi is likely declining daily. Travelers can plan their

trip and book a vacation right through the site, with the help of SMART,

Hotels.comOs animated spokesperson, who helps guide visitors through

each city. The

winner will receive ground transportation and roundtrip airfare for two

to Honolulu, courtesy of HVCB, and a five-night stay at the Hilton

Hawaiian Village. HIKE embeds premium

map content onto the iPhone so thereOs no need to OcacheO topo maps or

search for a network signal in the middle of the backcountry. For more information, visit . May 5, 2010

ZZ AirGuideBusiness 100510

AirCard This travel column in the New York Times reads a bit odd.

Nearly everything in the article, exception the proliferation of mobile

devices with Wi-Fi built in, could have been written in 2005, or even

earlier. Winning Bids allow visitors to see successful

Name Your Own Price rental car bids recently made by other

customers. The site also provides users

with useful trip planning information, including local weather, event

information, and special deals in each city. The plan has been activated following

Armin MeierOs decision to pursue a new business venture outside the

travel industry. Along with giving the new website a fresh

and modern look, the company has vastly improved their homepage

organization to help quickly lead travelers to areas of the site they

are most interested in visiting. TravelMuse lets site visitors view trips that others

have created and see the most popular attractions, restaurants, hotels

and shops. May 6, 2010

TravelMuse TravelMuse has added a new Travel Planner that

integrates powerful mapping technology with organization, scheduling and

collaboration tools so travelers can plan trips more easily. OExpedia is committed

to helping our hotel partners throughout the Middle East to extend their

reach to our unmatched global audience of travelers,O said Murad

Hajeebhoy, Expedia vice president of lodging for EMEA. In addition to Vacation Express,

leading vacation brands such as Travel Impressions, US Airways

Vacations, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Palace Resorts, Grand Pineapple,

Royal Plantation, and Blue Sky Tours provide VAX agents access to their

complete lineup of products and services via VAX Quick Connect. The increased property and room

category content complements GTA’s existing range of hotels and

destination services, enhancing its product offering and providing

GTA’s clients greater choice when preparing tour and travel

arrangements for their customers. Users are given the opportunity

to modify local landmarks, customize street signs, land a plane at the

airport, and even insert themselves into a postcard and send to friends

and family through social networking sites. The

site incorporates a number of new, user-friendly features, including

itinerary information, full programs, travel dates and package pricing

for Ritz Tours’ China Premiere Series, China Deluxe Series, Asia

Series and Europe Series; destination information. Consumers may choose to

follow Ritz Tours on Twitter at

Airbus Major airframers, seat manufacturers and in-flight

entertainment (IFE) suppliers on 17 May will gather for a workshop at

Airbus’ Hamburg facilities to discuss the integration of next

generation IFE systems into seat design and ideas for improving industry

standardisation, in what could pave the way for a new level of

collaboration in the aircraft cabin. May 5,


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Royal Caribbean International is

promoting family summer vacations from 12 North American homeports. AutoMotionTVOs turn-key solution allows

mobile app creation within days, includes end-to-end support, and

features a flat-rate cost structure. Along with Saller,

KAYAK GermanyOs management team now includes swoodoo co-founders,

Wolfgang Heigl, chief marketing officer, and Lars Jankowfsky, chief

technology officer. Between now and June 2, if customers book a Name Your

Own Price rental car and find a better price right up until 24 hours

before scheduled pickup, will match that price, pay a $20

bounty and give you a $50 vacation package coupon. For

example, AT&T subscribers roaming in the U.K. May 4, 2010

KAYAK KAYAK ( announced today the acquisition of

Munich-based swoodoo (, GermanyOs leading flight and hotel

search site. To publicize the site and its new capabilities,

TravelMuse has partnered with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau

(HVCB) to give away a luxury trip for two to Oahu through the OCreate a

Trip on TravelMuse, Win Your Perfect Moment in HawaiiO sweepstakes. VAX Quick Connect enables

travel providers to gain access to over 100,000 VAX travel professionals

who book millions of passengers each year. For more

information, call 800-900-2446 or visit Product videos, pictures,

360-spins and specifications create an immersive, interactive,

customized user experience. TRAVDEX, the trade show for travel technology innovators

and travel companies, begins with industry seminars and finishes after

two days of networking, travel trend discussions and one-on-one

appointments. For more

information, visit For more

information, visit Truphone Local

Anywhere is a mobile service, which makes it easier and more convenient

for international travelers to stay in touch while making savings of up

to 90 percent on calls, text and data, on standard cell phone bills. The

Spanish commercial is airing in the New York and Miami-Fort Lauderdale

metropolitan area, and can be viewed at Anyone who registers and creates a Trip on TravelMuse

from now until July 16, 2010, can enter. May 7, 2010

Orbitz For the first quarter 2010, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.

reported a net loss of USD5.3 million, with a net loss of USD336.2

million for the first quarter 2009, which included a USD331.5 million

non-cash goodwill and intangible asset impairment charge. Family pricing starts as low as $56 per

person, per cruise night, for four guests occupying one stateroom. The combined company will maintain both the KAYAK and

swoodoo brands in Germany while integrating technology best practices

over the next few months. with Australia coming

soon. 5 sailing. May

5, 2010

Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of

Republic Airways Holdings, Inc., is pleased to announce itOs taking the

inflight customer experience to another level with the addition of

Gogo[umlaut] inflight internet service on its Embraer fleet. Five years ago, the majority of hotels had some form

of access, with most of that service in rooms. To view a webcast of the

AutoMotionTV product launch . For more information, call 800-327-2056 or visit Aircard was a mainstream media invented

term for something that already had a name. Working together over the huge expanse abutting the mighty

Pacific, they picked up a whopping 40 pounds of trash. Adjusted

EBITDA increased 12 percent year over year to USD30.6 million from

USD27.4 million for the first quarter of the prior year. May 7, 2010

and subscribe to the Ritz Tours’ blog, offering beautiful

photography and itinerary details, at For more information, visit They are connected to your mobile gadget using an available USB

port, PCMCIA card slot or ExpressCard slot. Royal Caribbean promotes its latest

deals via Royal CaribbeanOs web site, and at

@royalhotdeals on Twitter. May 7, 2010

New York (AirGuideBusiness – Travel Business Technology News North

America) May 9, 2010

Vacation Access VAX Vacation Access is adding new travel

providers to its platform through its API for VAX distribution — VAX

Quick Connect. May 3, 2010

Editorial eMail: For Air Transport &

Travel Business Experts contact our Director of Content Aram Gesar

eMail: For Advertising and Marketing: For Custom Content:

ISSN 1939-666X – Copyright [c] 2010 AirGuideBusiness / Pyramid Media

Group, Inc. VAX Quick Connect technology utilizes an XML-based API

connection that interfaces with a travel providerOs host system for a

simple and efficient way to distribute leisure travel vacation products

to travel agents on VAX Vacation Access. With the Bookmarker, save pages,

photos and text from any website into your personal Trip folder. The distribution agreement

provides GTA’s thousands of tour operator and travel agency

customers more flexibility when planning stays at Marriott Hotels &

Resorts, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Renaissance Hotels &

Resorts, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites,

TownePlace Suites and SpringHill Suites. May 5,


Sabre This past week, Sabre employees around the world traded a

day in the office to help the homeless, feed the hungry, rebuild after

disaster and champion children as part of SabreOs Give Time Together

campaign, the single largest global volunteer initiative at Sabre. For more

information, visit The

annual event, which has been in place since 2006, enabled Sabre

employees to collectively and simultaneously participate in more than

280 volunteer events in five continents around the world, ringing up a

total of more than 14,000 hours of volunteer time. “The days when business travelers routinely fretted about

the availability of Internet connections in hotels are gone, or rapidly

fading.” That started fading long ago, when most hotels had put in

Internet service. For more information, visit including climate,

language, calendar of events, currency and electrical requirements for

all countries on Ritz Tours itineraries; travel planning tools

explaining how to book, custom travel, group travel, travel styles,

travel insurance, frequently asked questions and information on hotels

and special offers; city packages in China, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore,

Thailand and Vietnam as well as city packages in the United Kingdom;

details about Ritz Tours; and brochures, consumers and travel agents can

order hard copies of brochures or download online versions. For more information, visit May 6, 2010

GuestLogix, Aer Lingus GuestLogix reached a “multiyear”

agreement with Aer Lingus to provide its onboard retail technology and

OnTouch merchandising platform, which the Irish carrier will deploy on

all its flights. May 6, 2010

. All rights reserved. has unveiled a new site aimed

at educating solo travelers on what exactly a singles cruise entails.

Redesigned with the help of extensive input from their guests and

community of single travelers, the new website aims to make all the

information a new cruiser would need to know very clear and easily

accessible. May 7,


Expedia Expedia has announced a 60 percent growth in the number

of hotels in the Middle East and Africa regions that are working with

the travel industry leader this year over 2009. also

announced that, to help customers get their own rental car big deal, it

significantly expanded its rental car Winning Bids content area for the

duration of the promotion. Truphone Local Anywhere offers

savings of up to 70 percent off standard operator roaming rates when

using your phone outside of Truphone countries. May 3, 2010

Ritz Tours Ritz Tours launched a newly redesigned website with a

complete listing of tours, travel dates and detailed pricing as well as

links to the company’s Facebook page, Twitter account and blog. HIKE has more than 220,000 miles of

trails, thousands of trailheads, campgrounds and picnic areas, with

detailed locations of all major public land boundaries. The application is

compatible with the Apple iPhone 3G and 3G S, and is powered by Intermap

Technologies, a global digital mapping company and developer of other

acclaimed iPhone applications. During the Big Deal promotion, visitors can

type in virtually any U.S. Frontier

plans to have the service installed on its fleet of 32 E170 and E190

aircraft by the end of 2010

Quake Off The Philippines Triggers Tsunami Alert

Most were lifted shortly after, but

along the eastern coast of Japan, still rebuilding from a devastating tsunami last March, residents were told to seek higher ground as a precaution, according to broadcaster NHK.. One person died in Japan in a house collapse, the AP reported.

Tsunami alerts were issued in seven countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. In the southern Cagayan de Oro city in the Philippines, local media reported one house collapsed, while power outages were reported in several other towns and cities across central and southern Philippines.

The Japan Meteorological Agency forecast small waves to hit the coast of Japan late Friday night. The agency later lifted all tsunami alerts.

A powerful earthquake struck off the eastern coast of the Philippines Friday, knocking out power to several cities, and triggering tsunami alerts all along the “ring of fire,” the most active quake zone in the Pacific.

The magnitude 7.6 quake hit roughly 66 miles east of Samar Island, and had a depth of 20 miles, according to the USGS

Vantrix Demonstrates Unprecedented Video Processing Gains via QuickFire Networks T-Video V1100 | Reuters

Recognizing the critical impact of graphics processing for video

delivery, QuickFire Networks uniquely architected its T-Video platform around

the Intel Core i7`s multiple processor cores with Intel HD Graphics capabilities

and Intel Media SDK 2013 for Linux Servers.

“The NAB demonstration provides a side-by-side comparison of our T-Video

platform with an existing rack-mounted commercial server and illustrates the

huge density improvement via our new purpose-built video appliance,” commented

Mike Coward, chief executive officer of QuickFire Networks. QuickFire Networks’ T-x Product Lines cover Packet

Capture/Distribution, Analytics Processing, Video Processing, and Packet Storage


“Our initial testing exclusively relied on the i7 CPU to baseline performance,

which showed some incremental improvement over existing systems. For

more information, visit

Vantrix meets the demands of massive video growth through bandwidth

optimization, deep network traffic intelligence, and granular policy enforcement

technologies. “Using the Intel Media SDK coupled with our

modular architecture enabled us to readily adapt to the QuickFire Networks

T-Video platform, and demonstrate results in a matter of weeks. T-Video is a trademark of QuickFire Networks Corporation. “Intel

HD Graphics integrates high-performance media and transcoding hardware to enable

cost-effective delivery of complex, multi-format video to subscribers across a

variety of devices. QuickFire Networks is headquartered in San Diego, California. All other trade names,

trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective


The T-Video platform is designed specifically for video optimization. We reduce network congestion caused by video, web content and

internet audio while enhancing revenue opportunities for service providers


The demonstration will be presented live during the NAB Show in the Intel booth

located in the South Lower Hall, Booth SL9610. We expect to see

more significant gains as we continue to enhance our encoders and streamers to

maintain the highest possible performance and scalability in the industry.”


Kent McIntosh, +1-514-866-1717 x269

Corporate and Product Marketing

Twitter: @VantrixCorp


VOXUS Public Relations for QuickFire Networks

Lindsay Stril, +1-253-444-5443


more, visit It`s 3X

denser/higher-performance than the best available bladed telecommunications

solution, and 15X denser than other leading server solutions.

About T-Video

Headquartered in Montreal, Vantrix solutions are deployed in over 75 mobile

networks, serving over one billion subscribers on five continents. “We are pleased by

how fast it was for Vantrix to enable their solution on our platform and

leverage the capabilities of the Intel Core processors and Intel HD Graphics.

Service providers can now easily and economically enjoy the major scalability

improvements in video optimization necessary to address the explosion of mobile

data, allowing them to focus on new revenue-enhancing solutions.”

Intel and Intel Core are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the

United States and other countries.

QuickFire Networks Corporation provides disruptive Service Provider Traffic

Processing Platforms sized for the explosive growth of network traffic currently

underway. At NAB, QuickFire Networks, Vantrix

and Intel will showcase the results: major performance improvement in video

encoding which will help service providers address the massive demand for, and

growth of, streaming video on their networks. These solutions offer a whole new level of price/performance

for media servers.”

Vantrix software platforms provide service providers with insight, control, and

optimization capabilities that balance user experience quality with

cost-effective use of network resources. Subsequently

tapping the Intel HD Graphics capability gave us an immediate three-to-four fold

improvement over the CPU-only baseline,” said Jim Knapik, president and chief

executive officer of Vantrix.

Copyright Business Wire 2013


“We`re excited to see Vantrix and QuickFire Networks taking full advantage of

Intel`s newest graphics and video technologies,” said Jonathan Khazam, Intel

Vice President, and General Manager, Visual and Parallel Computing Group.

New platform enables significant performance benefit for delivery of streaming


LAS VEGAS–(Business Wire)–

Vantrix, a provider of video optimization, delivery and policy enforcement

solutions, and QuickFire Networks, a pioneer of traffic processing platforms

designed for service provider networks, announced a live demonstration scheduled

for the 2013 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, April 6-11 in Las

Vegas, NV. This density makes

it possible to broadly deploy video optimization services for every subscriber,

benefiting the entire value chain including better video for the subscriber and

better economics for the operator. Our rich heritage in mobile video and

image optimization deliver high performance and adaptable solutions to meet

unique operator needs. The 10-20 percent improvement mobile

operators typically gain with incremental upgrades to existing server solutions

is overshadowed by the disruptive density/performance improvement via QuickFire

Networks` T-Video platform.

The QuickFire Networks T-VideoTM platform, powered by Intel CoreTM i7 processors

together with Vantrix software, provides a quantum leap in video processing

density. Vantrix and QuickFire Networks

expect their solution to be commercially available in Fall 2013

Runescape 2007 OldScape Woodcutting Leveling up Guide and Tips 1-99

This will be more effective on these trees and gives you a higher success rate. This is an extremely popular woodcutting spot, and will get you high enough until you can go after yews. In this area you will be able to cut the logs, and store them in the bank nearby, or fletch them and store the pieces in the bank. Go into the woods away from people with a knife, and every log cut these into arrow shafts. I also suggest using the oak trees right outside of Varrock West bank. while you will have a low success rate, and will take a while to get your logs, your best chance of money making comes from magic logs, so I highly suggest moving to these as quickly as possible. I suggest spending a lot of time here until you want to move to yews, but I suggest doing maples from 55-65 as this will allows you the experience and money that comes from maples, but will not send you to yews right away and will build you skill up.

When you are going to move to willows I highly suggest using the best axe that you can. Wait until you pass it a couple levels, and while the reward might be a little better, overall you will have better success, and the levels will go by quicker. This location has been extremely busy, and a lot of players are here. If you come back later and get feathers you will make decent profit, and will be able to flip them fairly easily. This is a popular spot, and the best spot for maples. Also remember if you are trying to knock two birds out with 1 stone then mix the woodcutting with either fletching or firemaking to save yourself time and effort.

Personally I suggest staying at Willows until about 55, BUT if you want to make the move to Maples then take your path to Seers village. This is the easiest way, and there are usually no high level woodcutters here to steal your place and your trees.

Above level 50

Once you hit level 50 you are from from halfway to 99 xp wise, but level wise you are half way there. So I recommend staying on oaks as long as possible.

Once you hit level 20 or higher and you move to oaks I suggest using a steel ace. I suggest you do trees until you hit level 20. I would highly suggest doing this until you can do magics, and then once again moving right along. I suggest staying at oaks until level 40, or until you can use a mithril hatchet before moving to willows. This will give you the most money for you buck and help you make the most money for your effort.


So overall pace yourself for the long haul if your going for 99. While you are woodcutting the trees I would suggest using a bronze axe as this is really all you need to cut these trees, and will be effective until level 20 ish. Once you hit around 20 I would suggest moving on to oaks.

When you are going to move to Yews I suggest waiting until level 65 as said above, and then I would go right for yews. Now that you have made it to 50 lets talk trees.. These are bringing in good money right now, and will continue to bring in good money for all the fletchers that are out there. Try to use the best axe you can, and don’t go to the willows at 30, and maples at 45 and so on.. Early levels

So obviously early levels you will need to do trees. So congrats so far. The yews I personally save for my own fletching, but you can also sell them very easily on the forums or on a trading world.

Move to magic at your own time, but I personally would move right to magic at 75. The willow trees I have seen are highly competitive and you will have more success and luck at oaks.

With that being said willows will provide more money so once you do move to willows I suggest either finding somewhere that is not competitive, or try using Draynor Village. Maples are 100 XP each, and will yield a decent profit, and will also boost your fletching if that’s what your looking for. I would also wait until 35+ before moving to willows. While they will yield more money, I think that the oaks chop faster, and will give you much more success overall

Today in Pictures: Dec. 21, 2011.

A seal plays with a new toy it found amongst treats left around a make shift snowman, center back, during festive celebrations at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, Dec. (Dmitry Lovetsky/AP Photo)

Indian soldiers march as they take part in a rehearsal on Rajpath for next month’s Republic Day, on a cold and foggy morning in New Delhi, India, Dec. Havel, who led the Velvet Revolution that forced communist rule in Czechoslovakia to crumble in 1989, died in the early morning today in his sleep at the age of 75. Though India is famous for its brutally hot summers, temperatures fall sharply for a few weeks in December and January. (Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images)

People watch the launch of the Soyuz-FG rocket booster with the Soyuz TMA-03M space ship carrying a new crew to the International Space Station, ISS, at the Russian leased Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Dec. 21, 2011. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square to commemorate the death of former Czech President Vaclav Havel on December 18, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. 21, 2011. (Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images)

. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A Palestinian Muslim woman visits the Grotto of the Church of the Nativity, believed by many to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, ahead of Christmas, Dec. Typhoon Washi, has claimed more than 1000 lives as flash floods and landslides hit rural communities, washing families and their houses into the sea. 21, 2011 in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines. astronaut Donald Pettit, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and Netherlands’ astronaut Andre Kuipers. 21, 2011. Typhoon Washi,that swept across the south of the country has claimed more than 1000 lives as flash floods and landslides hit rural communities, washing families and their houses into the sea. (Rob Griffith/AP Photo)

A Filipino child displaced by floods waits to receive food from the government at the evacuation center following a recent typhoon, Dec. 20, 2001, financial meltdown that forced a searing devaluation and then-President Fernando de la Rua’s resignation. 21, 2011. The protest marked the 10th anniversary of the Dec. (Natacha Pisarenko/AP Photo)

People arrive to light candles at the base of a statue of St. (Kevin Frayer/AP Photo)

An Egyptian woman raises a copy of Al Tahrir newspaper fronted by a picture showing half naked woman protester beaten by army soldiers as hundreds of Egyptian women march at Cairo streets angered by the recent violence used against them during clashes between police and protesters in Cairo, Egypt, Dec. 20, 2011. The Russian rocket carries U.S. 20, 2011. (Amr Nabil/AP Photo)

A demonstrator protests in front of tires set on fire in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. (Bernat Armangu/AP Photo)

Local residents look amongst the wreckage of their devastated village following a recent typhoon on December 21, 2011 in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

Finished Game Review – Magnum Opus

If buyers actually read my site before they started plunking down money, Magnum Opus never would have funded. Hiring apprentices is a lot harder when gold is not flowing like rain in a hurricane, and with the rules being a lot more clear about some of the oversights we made in our initial test, they didn’t feel so much like we were cheating.


. I’m glad to see the considerable improvements, especially in the art department, and I look forward to play Magnum Opus again.

If they had been smart, they would have sent me the game after it was funded, because now that it’s a finished product, Magnum Opus is actually a pretty cool game. That was really my biggest complaint with the pre-Kickstarter Magnum Opus – the design was so bad that it was hard to play the game. For all my regular readers, I apologize for the lack of jokes about dog poop or genitalia.

2-4 players

You can grab yourself a copy of Magnum Opus from Game Salute, and their price on it is fairly reasonable:

There are also some nifty extras that we were missing because the game hadn’t funded yet. Magnum Opus looks good now.


Vastly improved art that actually makes it easier to play

Better rules and a few clean-ups make it flow better and play easier

The player abilities are a neat addition

Aug 22, 2014

Posted by Matt Drake on Aug 22, 2014 | Comments Off

They also appear to have fixed some of the gaming holes that irritated me so badly the first time I saw them (though I must confess that we played some of the cards incorrectly the first time, so the fountains of gold problem was actually our fault, and not the design). My first review of Magnum Opus (you can read it HERE) was something short of flattering. They went from absolutely abysmal art to pretty darn slick, and so the prototype I played did the finished game a considerable injustice. It’s a neat way to throw in an extra angle to make Magnum Opus more interesting, and that’s a definite improvement.

magnum_front_largePeople should stop sending me games before their Kickstarters are finished. I’m in the process of cleaning my office and getting rid of the massive stacks of games I don’t want, and Magnum Opus is not joining the pile of dross that I can’t wait to expunge from my home.

This is going to be a short review, because I already wrote about Magnum Opus once, and this is really more a way to tell you about the parts that are better now. It’s so much better now, you may not even know you’re playing the same game. I compared the art to dog droppings and said the game had lots of ugly holes.


Still not much interaction, just a deck-building race

They fixed the art. Now when you play, you can take individual player powers that will let you learn from the other players’ experiments or otherwise have a bonus only you can use. The cards are completely readable, the art is professional and appealing, and the designs do more than just look great, they make it easier to play